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Becoming more assertive is an important trait in negotiation and taking initiative, both important skills in property investment. It is also vital for you to have a strong voice when protecting your interests which will protect you from sharks out there.

1. Articulate the situation at hand

When you find yourself in any sort of situation, first of all, overview it and try to understand the meaning. Stay as close to the facts as possible to avoid disagreement and open with lines like “the way I understand this situation is…”. Afterwards, you can add your opinion by qualifying yourself with statements like “my opinion is….because…” and add your reasons. This way you’ll come across as credible and balance and the other people will feel that whatever differences you have with their view isn’t out of spite or stubbornness. Justifying yourself is effective because it promotes empathy which builds a good rapport with others and may be able to convince them of view.

2. Express yourself

After you have summarised the situation at hand form your point of view, you should then talk about your feelings on the issue. You need to own up to the emotions by using the first person language with statements like “I feel…” (this is called the “I” language) and it shows that you take full responsibility and accountability for what your are saying and it makes your presence and opinion stronger, firm and respected.

A word of warning, never use the “you” language, which includes statement like “you make me feel…” or “because of you I feel…”, that sort of language risks offending others as it can be interpreted as antagonising. Instead, using how you feel about something means  that they cannot disagree with it as no one can’t disagree with a feeling.

3. Say what you want to happen next

Be clear, specific and tell the other people what you want to happen next from the situation, explain what is the  action plan you have in your mind and what you would like yourself and others to do. Always avoid being vague and come back to your justifications and feeling to warrant what you are saying.

4. Explain the “win-win” is in this outcome

In property investment it is important to show the other parties that a deal will benefit everyone involved, therefore show them how your point of view benefits both, them and yourself. It always helps to put yourself in the other person’s situation first and ask yourself “what is in it for me?” and also “What should I be concerned about?”.

Being very aware of other people’s wants and needs will help your com across as genuine and compassionate. It will also make it more likely for people to want to do business with you.