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Know where you want to go and be specific. In property this could be in the direction of you wanting to have more properties, earning more return-on-interest, maybe finding developers to build up your investment. Do some mind-mapping and some research and find the devil in the details.

Set up a time frame. Figure out what the deadline will be for everything, how much time does that leaves you? This will help you prioritise your steps and motivate you knowing that you have broken everything down to the last hour and can work it around your schedule. It’s also more inspiring to say “I want to have purchased my next property by this time next year" than it is to say “One day I want to purchase a property".

Have a mixture of both internal and external goals. External goals are goals that have their success based on other people – you are seeking the approval of another person whether it be a lender or a renter or a business partner. Ultimately you are proving yourself to them. Internal goals on the other hand are goals you make that are only accountable to yourself i.e. you have researching all the worthwhile properties in your area by tomorrow. This is good because you are proving to yourself that you are reliable as well as other people.

Make your goals positive. You are more likely to be inspired if your goals are about places you want to be rather than just being somewhere you don’t hate.

Focus on why you’re working towards your goal. People can have the same goal for very different reasons, and identifying your reasons reframes the entire narrative of how you go about doing things. In property investment, wealth becomes a common reason but if you’re possibly in investment because you’re looking to challenge yourself and learn new things then the mindset may be radically different.

Work backwards from where you want to go. Simple enough when breaking something down, think of all the steps needed to work towards your larger goal. Make as many steps as you need.

List things that could get in your way. It’s always important to understand what threats and setbacks you may have to overcome so that you can be prepared for them. ​ Think of how you could get in your own Self-sabotage happens to everyone whether it be in stopping ourselves from taking a new opportunity or quitting a project when you’re 90% done. Think to yourself of what may be holding you back, be mindful of when you’re starting to do it to yourself and get into the mindset that you might be able to reach this great goal you’ve set for yourself.