I came all the way from New Zealand to Sydney and it’s been well worth the time and milestone. A well spent weekend. Keep up the good work and a big thank you Yza

Mark D.

Awesome time to know that there is an opportunity whatever the person’s circumstance is. An eye-opener, a number of approaches and technical than I would have ever thought possible and legal are actually ok. Thank you for sharing your experience and tested process to be a successful property investor

Joseph M.

The seminar it’s been very motivating and informative, it makes my property future absolutely real. I’m doing it! Yza, thank you for a great weekend, I’ve learnt so much and I’ve got invaluable information, will be seeing more of me

Sofia V.

This is been another great day of life enjoying people and learning. I enjoy everything. Yza teaches me something new every time, this is a real learning experience. Thank you Yza!

Chris B.

Today it’s been an awesome and creative experience, Yza it’s amazing, taking her time to share her knowledge, where she could be at home with her baby, her enthusiasm is very contagious which has made my creative juices. Thanks Yza for your time!

Charlene H.

I have been investing in property for over 20 years, but I mainly invested in commercial property previously. I decided to do Yza’s course to learn a different way of investing in property and getting results. Within a couple of months, I did 2 deals with none of my own money. Made over $100K in less than 2 months

Martyn H.