Our company was founded by Yza Canja and we offer online courses, property investment deals and financial services.
We believe that with the right knowledge, tools and networking it is possible to archive your goals in property investment without spending all your hard earned savings.

Online Learning.


We offer short and in-depth online courses to learn and create profits from property investment to study at your own pace. Our courses apply to everyone, whether you are a sophisticated investor or just starting out in property, and these courses are focused in creating more profits sooner from property and with the possibility of using little or none of your own money with tested strategies and formulas designed to create profits faster.

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We show property investment deals to our clients with exclusive benefits and incentives to help them build their property portfolio faster.
We research around Australia to find properties that fit into specific patterns and characteristics that will benefit our clients straight away or in the future. In order for us to be able to offer this deals to our clients, we work closely with Real Estate Agents to pursue the sales transactions.

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We provide finance advise and assistance to property investors or first time buyers to understand their borrowing capacity and strategies they can use to improve your properties performance.

​Also, through our expert mortgage brokers we find the lender that can provide the loan you need and work out solutions for your specific situation.



Yza was born in the Philippines, in a very poor island called Guimaras. She had the fortune of coming to Australia as a child, only having to leave again for the Philippines at the age of 12 where she completed her high school and university education.

At the age of 21, Yza arrived in Australia to create a new life. At the age of 22, Yza decided property investment would be her tool to create financial security and wealth. She immersed herself in self-study of finance and property investment strategies.

On a low starting income of $25K, with no assets nor savings, in approximately six months Yza secured over $2 Million in property using none of her own money. Yza self-studied finance applications and developed strategies to start as a property investor without any money, and within 6 months she achieved her goal of purchasing multiple properties with no cash. Yza attributes the success of her strategies to understanding finance.

Yza has continued to invest in property using none of her own money nor any of her personal equity. With over 15 years experience in the finance industry and in property investment, Yza has taught thousands of Australians her investment strategies so they can continue to grow their property portfolios and get extraordinary results rapidly no matter what their personal situation or circumstances.

Yza then stepped it up and started adding value to existing properties to create even more profit. She continued her education and realised that for very little work, she could make triple the amount of money from property investing than from her everyday job.

Today Yza is still investing, she is involved in renovating, property accumulation, property development and, finding and flicking property. Right now she is currently involved in over $60M worth of property deals all without using any of her own money. Yza has mastered the art of being able to make a profit through property without having to take all the risk, without having to do it all yourself, and without the hands-on hard work.

We exist to show people that the seemingly out of reach is actually possible.  Everyone can benefit from property no matter what walk of life.  Yza Canja, started Property Rocket initially to help her friends invest in property despite not having much to start with, as she herself was able to do so. 

Yza has now taught thousands of people her investment strategies and continues to assist her clients in building their property portfolios faster, for less and with more profits and she has created all the courses based on her own experience as a property investor.